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east coasters: i drove through 17 states on the way to work
west coasters: i have been traveling in this desert for 49 years. generations have died. children have been born. when will i make it to the promised land
Midwesterners: I haven't left a 20 mile radius in 2 years

I ship it: Pokemon Black Trainer (Protagonist) and N (Antagonist).

R.I.P Robin Williams :(

They cannot stop us. They cannot stop the future.

Microtech is one of many companies involved in cellular biology research. Microtech built a team that creates the leading cellular trafficking assays which biologist with experience in cell-culture, molecular biology, and assay development for high throughput screening.

Over time, some products don’t turn out the well as well as they believe or flop on the market. However, everything developed at Microtech required time, effort, and resources (mostly money) to create and thus return to show red in the books rather than black or even green. Many companies think that they’ll never go under, that they’re “too big to fail” but their not. The previous CEO of Microtech thought the same until they almost went under a solid ten years ago.

Rather than watch the company crumple and have to sell it’s patents and designs to their competitor to pay it’s employees, the CEO’s son threw proposals at his father with the intent to help keep his family’s company afloat, the same company he always (day)dreamed of taking over. However, to his dismay, his proposals raised concerns within the financial department and were shot down almost immediately. Who would listen to a measly high school graduate anyway? (Even if he was the CEO’s exceedingly ambitious kid.)

What the son was so persistent about turned out to be a merger of smaller companies in the areas. Not only that, but to hire interns from local colleges. That was unthought of at the time. Within a couple of years, the company began to come back into play and hell, the mergers where the best damn thing to happen to the company.

Recently, the CEO of the company, Clark Sr. as he asked everyone to call him that regardless of his title, passed away from an illness that Microtech was working on a cure for. However, all their possible vaccinations proved unsuccessful but Clark Sr. did not give up hope that one day there would be a cure for all those who were affected by it. 

Atwood has fond memories of Clark Sr. seeing as Atwood became the vice president of Microtech just under five years ago. Clark knew exactly what Atwood was, knew his family history - everything. He accepted Atwood into the company as a young biologist and in return for his years of dedication and service offered him the position of Vice President after obtaining his masters degree in business. 

It wasn’t until Clark Sr. passed away that Atwood became bitter about his position of Vice President. 

I could just taste the blood in my mouth. It was thick, like it flowed from my veins straight to my mouth. It was bitter. I wanted to gag, to throw up and hell, even faint. I was angry, none the less, and left dazed at the same time. I might have yelled at my receptionist, I don’t really remember. I just remember it was a very unfortunate day in Microtech’s history - the day that Clark Sr. signed his company over to his son, Clark Jr. as his last request before he passed away. Of all people, his son.

Clark Jr. was Microtech’s newest potential downfall - a risky player in the game of business who just graduated from university. Needless to say, Atwood felt cheated. He felt he deserved to become president of Microtech. Clark Sr. and Atwood shared the same ideas but somewhere Atwood must have faulted. It certainly wasn’t because Atwood was a werewolf and Clark Jr. was a human, of course not. 

The line of Vovks started before the immigration to the United States in 1911, however, history only records the American/Ukrainian births the United States.  It starts with Atwood’s grandfather, Oleksandr Miron Vovk as he arrived in New York. He married another Ukrainian, Valentyna, and they produced three children who then occupied surrounding states: Ivan (Atwood’s father who settled for Eastern Pennsylvania), Roman (who settled for New Jersey) and Nataliya (who settled for Massachusetts). 

Ivan’s children, Aleksandr settled for Maryland while Atwood settled for Western Pennsylvania.

Roman’s children, settled for Delaware and Virginia.

Nataliya’s children, settled for Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. 

Interestingly, Roman settled down with a woman of Dutch origin - Janssen. Her name was Angelique Elsje Janssen. Atwood has yet to discover if she has any relationship to the modern day Janssen pack. Atwood’s mother has no relationship as she’s Quinn Alexandria Leroux and Nataliya’s husband is Ukrainian, Dmytro Fedir Vyhovsky. 

Atwood comes from a long line of werewolves with the power of, well, power immunity. Power immunity is most easily described as being immune to certain or all powers and their effects. Unfortunately, the genetic mutation covers all powers. Some may think that is great, but it’s not and here is why:

Resurrection is impossible because this power lives with you until after death.
Depending on the wound, the healing factor associated with werewolves is prevented by his ability.
Can not be transported to safety through teleportation.

So, in reality, this power immunity does more harm than good which is why Atwood retired from his position as Janssen Beta and became the Iota of the pack.

Powers of the Vovk’s have changed slightly with mates. Children of Ivan, the first son of Oleksandr, obtained Power Immunity because Quinn was a werewolf of no power. Children of Roman, the second son of Oleksandr, obtained Thermal Resistance (both cold and fire) because Angelique has a pyrokinetic ability. Children of Nataliya, the first daughter of Oleksandr, gained Possession Immunity because Dmytro could possess others - mostly humans. The history and time line of the Vovks is kept in a book in Oleksandr’s estate in New York.

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